Guide for Referees

How to login the review system?  

First of all, we would like to thank you, as an international peer reviewer, for taking part in the reviewing process.

When being invited as a reviewer of a manuscript, you will receive an email; please click the link in the email to accept or decline the invitation. If accept, you will receive a second email; please click the link in this email to see the complete submission and review the manuscript; or you can login and using your username and password to enter the Reviewer Center to complete the reviewing process.

If it is your first time to login, you need to fill in some personal information. You are suggested to enter your research interests (i.e., keywords), Tel, especially detailed postal address.

If you want to submit a paper as an author, please just login the same system with the same username and password, and enter your Author Center to start a submission.

Please do not hesitate to contact us by if you encountered any questions when using this system.  

How to complete the Score Sheet? 

While reviewing a manuscript, please take the following points into consideration:

1) Originality: Is this work original and novel? If not, why?

2) Technical quality: Does the proposed method or technology has theoretical basis?

3) Clarity of presentation: Is the manuscript clearly and concisely written (including introduction, method, discussion, experiment, conclusion, etc.)? If not, how to improve?

4) Research value: Can the proposed method or technology contribute to the development of related research field?

5) References: Are all the references up-to-date and relevant?

6) Abstract: Does it correctly summarize the study?

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