Guide for Authors

1. Submission of Papers

All manuscripts will be submitted online Authors should submit their manuscripts as PDF or Word files.

2. Conditions of Publication  

It is a condition of publication that manuscripts submitted to MIR have not been published and will not be submitted or published elsewhere in English or any other language, without the written consent of the publisher. MIR requires that when using their own previously published or submitted material as a basis for a new submission, the authors cite the previous work(s) and very clearly indicate how the new submission differs from the previously published work(s). Responsibility for the contents of the paper rests upon the authors and not upon MIR, the Editors, or the Publisher.

3. Types of Contribution

Submitted articles may be of four basic types:

1) Review:

Reviews are authoritative and scholarly surveys of recent developments in a research field.  

2) Research article:

Research articles include detailed discussion involving new research, applications or developments.                                                       

3) Perspective:

Perspectives include articles on the latest developments in a specific area of research, viewpoints on recent progress in science and technology, scientific research funding and administration, as well as science-related societal issues.

4) Research Highlight

Research highlights include brief summaries and comments on recent research achievements in machine intelligence, with emphasis on contributions of the scientists.

5) News & Views

News informs readers about the latest advances in machine intelligence, as reported in recently published papers or at scientific meetings.

Views should be topical, readable and introduce new concepts/points of view, providing a personal perspective on a matter of public or scientific importance.

6) Forum 

The forum provides a platform to discuss timely or controversial issues in science and technological development, science policies and funding mechanisms, and other societal issues, in a variety of formats that include essays and transcripts of round-table discussions and point-counterpoint dialogues.

7) Editorial

Editorials are written by the Editor-in-Chief, Associate Editors, Editorial Board Members, Guest Editors, or invited scientists and policy makers, on a broad range of topics from science to science policy and issues related to the broader society.

4. Manuscript Preparation

1) General:

Authors are advised to use MIR template to prepare your submissions.

2) Text:    

Manuscripts should include the following parts (in order): Title, Authors, Affiliations, Abstract, Keywords, Main text, Acknowledgement if applicable, Appendices, References and Biographies.

3) Figures:

All figures must be provided in a camera-ready form, which are suitable for reproduction. Photographs, charts and diagrams are all to be referred to as "Fig(s)." and should be numbered consecutively in the order to which they are referred. They should be included within the text. Every figure must have a caption.

4) Tables:

Tables should be numbered consecutively with suitable captions.

5) References:

All publications cited in the text should be presented in the reference list at the end of the manuscript. References must be listed in the order they were cited (numerical order).

6) Illustrations:

All illustrations must be provided in a camera-ready form, which are suitable for reproduction. Photographs, charts and diagrams are all to be referred to as "Figure(s)" and should be numbered consecutively in the order to which they are referred. Every figure must have a caption.

7) Biographies:

A short biography of every author should be provided for papers.

5. Publication

The corresponding author will receive an email when the manuscript is accepted. Please prepare the final version according to the requirement in this email.

1) Format:

When a manuscript is accepted for publication, it should be put in Word or Latex files (please refer to “Submission Template” on MIR website).

2) Language polishing:

The final version will be sent to editors for editing and English language polishing.

3) Proofs:

Proofs are considered to be the final version of the manuscript. The editorial office will deliver electronic proofs to the corresponding author via email. Corrections should be restricted to typesetting errors.

4) Copyright:

All authors must sign the “Transfer of Copyright Agreement” before the paper published.

6. Uploading Related Data to ScienceDB (Optional)

Machine Intelligence Research (MIR) encourages the authors to upload related data of each accepted article to ScienceDB(, and send the article’s DOI and CSTR to the editorial office ( once done. Please note that this is an optional action for authors.

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